Gully Rehabilitation Trusts

Gully rehabilitation trusts are working groups that carry out efforts to prevent gully formation, rehabilitate already formed gullies and reclaim useable land after it has been rehabilitated. Some of the gully trusts are listed below.

  • Katuk Odeyo
  • Asao
  • Ragen Bolo Oriang
  • Nyasanja
  • Mbora

Gully Reclamation Principles

  1. Restoration – the main thrust of activities is to reclaim the land and restore its productivity
  2. Food Security – gully control management should encourage communities to increase food production
  3. New initiatives for income generation – sustainable practices will enhance ongoing resource production and shift away from overharvesting sand
  4. Sustainability – the efforts to control and reclaim gullies will be continuous and self-evolving
  5. Commitment and cohesiveness – all ideas and efforts are to be community driven


            NYADEC members carry out plantings of sisal and aloe vera plants to prevent and rehabilitate gully erosion and the plants are also an economic resource as sisal can be grown for fibers and aloe vera for medicinal oil extraction. Rock walls are also built and trees planted strategically to slow down water flow and prevent gully expansion. After gullies are rehabilitated, fast growing agro-forestry species and bee hives are also economic resources and they are often grown on reclaimed land to reestablish productivity of the land.

During Dr. Peterson’s course, ENV 348 – Environment, Health and Community Development in East Africa, students took part in planting aloe and sisal to prevent gully erosion as well as planting trees to establish and celebrate a rehabilitated are that had previously suffered from erosion. Dr. Peterson hopes to carry out more extensive engagement with future groups of students as he returns to Kenya in years to come.