The Nyando District Centre for Environmental Conservation is a non-governmental organization that was created to combat gully formation in the Lake Victoria catchment within the Nyando and Sondu Miriu River watersheds. The organization aims to “prevent, rehabilitate, and reclaim” areas affected by gully erosion, as gullies can become so big that they destroy farmland that people are dependent on for their well-being. NYADEC has worked to form Gully Rehabilitation Trusts, community organizations whose members have been directly affected by the gullies eroding away their farmland. In forming Gully Rehabilitation Trusts, NYADEC is encouraging environmental awareness and facilitating the active engagement of community members in soil conservation and natural resource management.

Working with the gully trusts, NYADEC has engaged in various projects aimed to first slow erosion through the planting of deep-rooting species of plants such as bamboo, sisal, and aloe in areas where erosion is beginning to form or to intensify gullies. By slowing the flow of water moving from the highlands through agricultural fields to Lake Victoria, NYADEC’s actions enable the water to deposit its sediment, allowing gully trust members to begin reclaiming and rehabilitating soil for farming purposes.

NYADEC’s work exemplifies engaged citizenship through actions of social and environmental responsibility, objectives also shared by the UNE’s DES.