Cooking with Maine Women Writers, part 5

The last in our current series on Maine women food writers, today I’ll be focusing on food blogs written (at least partially) by Maine women. As I’ve already mentioned, we here at the Maine Women Writers Collection collect a multitude of types of materials – books, manuscripts, letters, and other physical objects. But did you know we also collect blog links too? (They’re in the side bar of our main page.)

In this day and age, many a cookbook author has started out as a blogger. Sometimes it happens in reverse, as well, as in Shonna Milliken Humphrey’s case. Known first as a writer (you may remember Show Me Good Land, published last year) she briefly did a series on her blog where she cooked a number of recipes out of Marjorie Standish’s Cooking Down East. She began in August 2011 and stopped sometime in 2012, but they don’t seem to be collected under any one heading on her blog. So, maybe start here, with some chocolate pudding, and peruse her archives if you’re interested in seeing more about her take on Marjorie Standish.

Next up, The Blueberry Files, where you will find holiday cocktails, restaurant reviews, cookie recipes and more. If you’re looking for a festive holiday dessert (who doesn’t need more pumpkin in their life?) perhaps try this pumpkin cheesecake.

Half of From Away is a Maine woman writer, Jillian Bedell. (The other half is her husband Malcolm.) This blog is a delightful combination of recipes, reviews and even an incredibly detailed post on how to be a food blogger. The pair has collected their holiday posts into one easy-to-access section, so dig in and find a good one! (These peanut butter thumbprint cookies with Nutella and jam don’t seem to be listed among their holiday recipes, but holidays mean cookies to me, so I’m going to be trying them soon!)

Like cheese? Jump in and join Edible Obsessions12 Days of Cheesemas posts, where she’s reviewing a different cheese every day. If cheese isn’t your thing, maybe some pecan pie bars are?

Vrai-lean-uh writes about “cooking, eating, making sweeping pronouncements” in a conversational style where tidbits about pregnancy cozy up to posts about gift-giving and lots of food-related stories. Some of the stories have recipes too and since it’s the season for pumpkin everything, why not try some cookies?

There’s also A Good Eater – “A blog about food, community, the environment, and living in place.” If you’re interested in environmental issues surrounding food then head on over to read about local, humanely raised meat and the move to rebuild Maine’s grain-growing economy. And of course, there’s a section of recipes. In the spirit of the holiday season, give these gingersnaps a try!

Lastly, and a little bit different than the previous blogs, we have Immigrant Kitchens. Food writer Lindsay Sterling brings together recipes and stories from people from all over the world, like this one from last December about a classic Nicaraguan Christmas and New Year’s dish – lomo relleno, or stuffed pork loin.

That concludes our week of cooking with Maine women writers. Looks for more blog posts highlighting cookbooks, food stories and blogs in the coming year!

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