About UNE’s Global Initiatives

March 10th, 2011 by nconnelly

The University of New England’s  Office for Global Initiatives (OGI) exists to help faculty and students make sense of our rapidly changing world and how to think of higher education and scholarship in this age of globalization. It works with academic deans, center directors, and faculty to support the development of innovative courses that address and elucidate our complex realities and encourages research projects and initiatives that benefit the University. The Center for Global Humanities seminars and lectures by prominent scholars from around the world expose our students and community to the best thinking on the critical issues of our time.

The Center seeks to establish UNE academic centers (independently or in partnership) in a few select locations around the world, preferably at the crossroads of major civilizations and cultures, like Morocco, so that our students may acquire first-hand experience of the major challenges facing our civilization today. We want to give substance to UNE’s globalization effort by making it possible for the entire UNE community to move seamlessly between our main campuses in Maine and our centers abroad. Because stepping out of our cultural comfort zones means having to work in different language communities, our centers will strive to provide the best tools for adjustment and optimal study without taking away from the challenge of engaging with the unfamiliar. By developing a set of courses that examine the details of our interconnected world, supporting high-level seminars with a global focus, and expanding our campus and curricula to select locations around the world, UNE will turn into a campus without walls and embrace its border identity in a world where traditional fences make little intellectual sense.