“Shukran” (THANK YOU!) Morocco

Final Reflections

Bailey Booras – Well, the trip was indeed a “good price”, and the memories, priceless!  I especially loved camel riding in Essaouria and extreme walking along the base of the Atlas Mountains in Marrakesh. Reflecting on the trip, it was the guides who made Morocco as wonderful as it was for us.  Mo-Mo, Jamal, Hakima, Shafiq and Said all helped us feel comfortable here.  Zach and Nicole rocked too!

Joselle O’Brien – This trip to Morocco has proven to be so much more than I could have possibly hoped for and imagined.  This trip has definitely become one of the best experiences that I know I will surely cherish throughout the rest of my lifetime.  I will remain evermore appreciative of all the valuable people who all played an integral role in making this entire experience a reality for me.  My family, all the new friends I’ve gained and spent the last nine days with, all our wonderful guides and of course all the other amazing Moroccans I’ve had the chance to interact with!

Amanda Foster – Morocco has been such an experience.  I’ve learned a great deal from some great Moroccans.  I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.  Actually, thinking back on what an awesome time I’ve had I might just stay and take Mo-Mo up on that marriage proposal!  The scenery was amazing and the trip wouldn’t mean nearly as much without our awesome guides.  My favorite part of the trip was Essaouira and our guide Hakima, our talks were my favorite part of our time together. It was great to build new relationships and make others stronger.  I would definitely recommend Morocco to UNE students.

Erika Newman – Overall I thought the trip was FUN and a great experience.  From the busy city of Casablanca, to navigating our way through the souks, “good price, good price”,  to camel calls, and finally visiting the cascading waterfall in the Atlas Mountains.  The memories of this trip will be held onto forever.

Ryan Warren – Morocco was a great experience and I am glad I was a part of it.  It was a great learning experience while also a very FUN alternative spring break.  I thank the University and the people involved with this trip for all their hard work.  And most of all, SHUKRAN MOROCCO!

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