Meet the students

Meet Bailey Booras


She is from California

Her Major is Undeclared

She wanted to go to Morocco because “Spending Spring Break in Morocco sounded like an amazing opportunity and it was offered at such a good price too! I can’t wait for this adventure! New cultures fascinate me.”

What is she really looking forward to? “I am so excited to ride a camel and to explore the city of Marrakech!  Lively street markets, the Hassan Mosque and the history alone of Casablanca are some things I am looking forward to the most.”

Meet Amanda Foster


She is from Epping, New Hampshire

Her Major is Biochemistry

She wanted to go to Morocco to “Experience new cultures!  I also want to help the University decide if they want to create a study abroad program there…it’s cool that my opinion matters.” 

She’s most looking forward to “Everything!  I am particularly excited to (hopefully) ride a camel and shop in Souks.”

Meet Erika Newman

She is from Livermore, ME

Her Major is Pre-Pharmacy

She wanted to go to Morocco because “I thought it would be a great opportunity to travel and see other places.  I am looking forward to having memories that will last a lifetime.”

She’s most looking forward to “the sight-seeing and the once in a lifetime opportunity to ride a camel!

Meet Joselle O’Brien


She is from Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Her Major is Medical Biology & Math

She wanted to go to Morocco because “first and foremost, going to Morocco and experiencing the culture full throttle has always been at the top of my mother’s bucket list.  So, of course, I have grasped this opportunity with the help of my mother and other family members in hopes that she can experience Morocco vicariously through me! 🙂  Secondly, to me, this world is an open book, the pages of which are waiting to be explored.  The first chapter truly began with my leaving the comfort of my home to live and go to school here in Maine. Morocco is the next chapter waiting to be written!”

She’s most looking forward to “the explosion of Moroccan culture that awaits!  I am looking forward to completely (within reason) immersing myself as much as I can!”

Meet Ryan Warren

He is from Nashua, NH

His Major is Pre-Pharmacy

He wanted to go to Morocco “for the opportunity to learn and explore another culture and nation.  As a pre-pharmacy student, I am unable to study abroad for a semester length so this is a great alternative!”

He’s most looking forward to “the overall experience of traveling and being able to share our experiences with the UNE community.”

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