ENG 201 (Am. Lit. II)

Literatures of the United States II: This course is an introduction to U.S. literatures from the mid-19th century to the present day.  Taking inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the course returns frequently and in specific terms to the notion of an “American dream,” explored from a variety of perspectives and social contexts. How did African Americans pursue this dream after emancipation?  In what ways did individuals contend with or seek to realize ideals of “America” and American identity?  How did men’s and women’s ideals intersect or diverge? What brought immigrants to American shores, and how did their descendants transform their parents’ dreams?  Students are invited to explore these questions, to gain a deeper understanding of American culture through exploring how people used literary texts to bring such questions to bear on their everyday lives, as well as to learn important facts, concepts, and reading techniques specific to the discipline.

Students are encouraged to add their own description of their learning from the course to the official course description above. As a student adds artifacts to this page, it is important to provide a brief description of the artifacts, perhaps using a list structure produced below

  • Paper One – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Paper Two – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Web Journal/Blog – I used a web-based journal for my informal writing and homework in the course. (Link Here.)

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