ENG 116 (Brit. Lit. II)

British Literature II: This course continues the survey of British Literature beginning with the Romantics in the early 19th century. It is designed to familiarize students with some of the broad trends, genres, and issues in British Literature, as well as to develop close reading and critical thinking skills. More particularly, we focus on the idea of revolution—in the senses both of dramatic change and as the turn and return of ideas—that pervaded the late 18th century and could be felt throughout the 19th in a variety of political and aesthetic contexts, for example, romantic individualism and poetry; the woman question and the woman as artist, and twentieth century wars and the language of literary and self-representation. Key questions include: What role does literature play in a cultural and personal imagination? Can aesthetics have a politics and vice versa? How does the idea of the artist and of art change over time?

Students are encouraged to add their own description of their learning from the course to the official course description above. As a student adds artifacts to this page, it is important to provide a brief description of the artifacts, perhaps using a list structure produced below

  • Paper One – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Paper Two – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Web Journal/Blog – I used a web-based journal for my informal writing and homework in the course. (Link Here.)

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