The English Major demonstrates his or her ability to Read texts closely and think critically.

He or she is able to

  • Comprehend a text’s literal/factual content
  • Distinguish between a passage’s literal/factual content and its figurative/symbolic/interpretive content
  • Analyze a text closely and identify rhetorical strategies therein
  • Connect a passage’s formal structure and thematic content with the text as a whole
  • Extrapolate the larger implications (social, philosophical, ethical, argumentative) of these patterns

In my coursework, I have developed these skills through a variety of projects. I have selected ?? learning artifacts to show that I have met each of the five components of the Reading learning outcome.

In the paragraph(s) that follow, I will explain why my chosen learning artifacts demonstrate that I have met each of these components.

Note: A particularly productive way to demonstrate growth over time is to compare an artifact from the freshman or sophomore year with one from the junior or senior year and to explain how you believe the pair of texts shows that you are now meeting this learning outcome.

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