Welcome to my ePortfolio.

I can use this space to collect, select, and reflect on my work as I pursue my Bachelor’s degree as an English major at The University of New England. I can also use this space to share my triumphs (and challenges) as an English major.

English majors see themselves as avid readers and writers. Many of them have kept their work in folders and boxes. Today, they can maintain a digital archive of their work and add to it each semester or after each assignment.

I can organize my work in a variety of ways because I have full control over the navigation of my site. This sample ePortfolio is mostly organized by course. Select a course to get a sense of what I took from the class and to access a relevant work sample or two.

As I accumulate a range of work samples, I will select from my samples and explain how and why I believe each sample shows me developing one or more key learning outcome for the English major. Over time, I will be able to add more samples and to consider how my reading, writing, and analytic abilities have grown over the years.

I control the access to my site. My work can be publicly accessible, available to a select group of individuals, or entirely private. I control the look and arrangement of the content on the site. I can make parts publicly accessible and keep other parts private and password protected.

I can allow people to comment on individual pages in my e-portfolio, effectively adding a social dimension to the work I share here. I can allow comments but require moderation to prevent malicious comments from appearing.

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