Join us this Saturday, October 26, 2013 as we make history at MARC.  Never before have eight (yep, that’s right, 8!!!) UNE/MARC seals been ready to head back to sea together.  It will be a moment so sweet, you’re sure to get a toothache.


These eight seals are scheduled to be released Saturday October 26, 2013

Date:  Saturday, October 26, 2013
Who?  Dots, Sugar Baby, Bananarama, S
lo Poke, Jolly Rancher, Marshmallow, M&M, Blackjack*
(*all subject to change)
Time:  11:30 am (Be there early!)
Blubber Hits the Water at:  ~11:35 am (Blink and you might miss it)
Location:  Gilbert Place, on Biddeford Pool, Biddeford, Maine (as you enter Gilbert Place, veer to the left for public parking) Get Directions

Please drive carefully, mind speed limits and be respectful of the neighbors.  Thanks!

What to Bring:

  • Cameras
  • Good Vibes
  • Donations always accepted.  Every dollar adds up!

About the seals….

“Dots” Stranded at: Harrington, Maine  5/2/2013
His Story:  Maternally-dependent Pup, rescued by COA’s Allied Whale; alone for several days; dehydration; emaciation; ingested rocks/sand on beach (in what we think were attempts to nurse when he was hungry).

“Sugar Baby”  Stranded at:  Cousin’s Island, Maine  5/28/2013
Her Story:  Brought to MARC by Marine Mammals of Maine when her mother couldn’t be found.  Treated for ear infection and eye rupture.

“Bananarama”  Stranded at:  Georgetown, Maine  5/28/2013
His Story:   Brought to MARC by Marine Mammals of Maine when his mother couldn’t be found.  Given nutritional support and treated for ear infection.

“Slo Poke”  Stranded at:  North Beach, Hampton, New Hampshire on 6/28/2013
His Story:  Brought to us by New England Aquarium when he was found with a large injury to his head and neck.

“Jolly Rancher”  Stranded at:  York, Maine on 7/12/2013
Her Story:  She was rescued by Marine Mammals of Maine when she just couldn’t seem to figure out life after mom left.  Like many weanlings, she was underweight with some minor infections.  She was treated for ear infection as well.

“Marshmallow”  Stranded at:  Marshfield, Mass on 7/31/2013
Her Story:  The wrong place at the wrong time.  This little girl was rescued by New England Aquarium after being hit by a boat.  She suffered some large wounds and broken bones, but is on the mend.

“M&M”  Stranded at:  Fortune’s Rocks, Biddeford, Maine on 8/7/2013
His Story:   He was rescued by Marine Mammals of Maine when he just couldn’t seem to catch a break.  Like many weanlings, he was underweight with some minor infections.   We’re hoping he does well on his second chance in the wild.

“Blackjack”  Stranded at:  Bristol, Maine on 10/4/2013
His Story:  The third of three hooded seals treated at MARC since August, Blackjack, like the others was visiting Maine at an unusual time of year (winter is more normal).  He arrived bald, underweight and dehydrated.  We’ve fixed him up and he’s ready to head back to the arctic.


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