Seal Release Tomorrow!!

Skittles - one of six seals being released Saturday July 20

This will be one of the largest seal releases in MARC history… and it’s nothing to SNICKER about.  There couldn’t be sweeter news to share.  Six little sugarbabies will return to the sea tomorrow.  Though there’s a chance of storms bringing LICORICE black clouds – and it may pour down SKITTLES and PIXIE STICKS – we’ll be there no matter what to say goodbye to six of our happy healthy pups.  Join us for a fun, BUBBLICIOUS event.  We’ll all cheer BAZOOKA as they enter the surf!

Who:  Skittles, Licorice, Bubblicious, Pixie Stick, Snickers, and Bazooka * (*subject to last minute change)
Saturday, July 20, 2013
(Rain or Shine!)
Kennel Door Opens at:
12:30 pm
(Be there early !!)
Blubber Hits the Water at:
~12:31 pm
(Blink and you’ll miss it)
Curtis Cove at the end of Granite Point Road, Biddeford, Maine

Get Directions

What to Bring:

  • Cameras
  • Good Vibes
  • $1 donation – $1 buys 1 pound of fish for the seals!
  • A small garbage bag if you’d like to take some beach garbage home with you (to help keep the beaches clean)
  • All recommended but not required.

Special Request: Parking is limited.  Please carpool, walk, etc to help reduce road-blockage and neighborhood traffic.  Please ONLY park on the right side of the road.  Also, be sure to leave access to the dirt driveway at the end…this is the parking spot our seal-carrying vehicle will be using.  If we can’t get down the road to release the seal, he’ll be disappointed.

Check out some before and after shots of all the seals.  Each animal was collected and brought to MARC by the good folks at Marine Mammals of Maine and Allied Whale.

More information on the animals can be found at


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