Typical Tuesday at MARC

Tuesday afternoon, each week, is a busy day. While our interns, work-study students, and volunteers work diligently to care for the animals, the MARC staff spends the morning in meetings – reviewing animal cases and operational matters. While talking animals, we review each case individually – discussing things like behaviors, medical concerns, treatment plans and general progress of each case. This is also done on a daily basis, but Tuesday is the day all staff is present to discuss as a team. Then, it’s go-time! We make a plan for reassessing each case and work through each enclosure of seals to collect diagnostics. In some cases, this means release diagnostics (bloodwork, lengths, assessments) that can be submitted to our federal government, who then reviews each case for release, when the time is right.

Our team works together to collect health assessment samples from the patients.

We’ve got dozens of great photos!  To see the full album, click here!


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