Udon and Junior Mint – Release Recap

In what might hold the record as “Longest release in MARC history”, Yesterday’s Release of Udon and Junior Mint was a total success.  An estimated 100 people came to give the seals a great send-off.  While Udon (the harbor seal) was quick to bolt to the water, his counterpart Junior Mint (the harp seal) was a tad hesitant – taking well over 40 minutes to make her way to the water.

Harp seals are typically an animal that, at  the earliest sign of threat, “play possum” or become “catatonic” – freezing their whole body as a line of defense to trick their “threat” (in this case, dozens of excited witnesses on the beach) into leaving them alone.  It is a completely normal and expected behavior for harp seals, though, sometimes, it can make the releases a little lengthier.  Junior Mint was a bit nervous with all of yesterday’s excitement and rather than fleeing the scene quickly, she exhibited the typically harp seal catatonic behavior.

Junior Mint "playing possum" - Catatonic Behavior is normal for harp seals.

Here are a couple photos to recap the event.  To see the full album, check out our album on facebook.

Udon heads to the shore.

Junior Mint slowly making her way to the sea

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