The Real World

Sorprese (surprise!):  This blog has two purposes…. to congratulate our wonderful seniors AND to share the release of our beastly terror, “Sorprese” the mean, strong grey seal.

Sorprese arrived last month from Seapoint Beach in Kittery – dehydrated, underweight and dealing with some respiratory and gastrointestinal issues.  Often our animals are intense cases, but Sorprese was comparatively easy… one of those seals that just needs a quick medical boost before heading back out to sea.   Her claim to fame in rehab?  Being strong enough to “buck” two experienced staff members off her back at the same time.  This seal had fight and it was refreshing to see.  She is one of those animals that we feel confident will thrive back in the ocean.

Today, Sorprese was released at a quiet get-together at Biddeford Pool, Maine.  She is being featured in an upcoming article about MARC in Downeast Magazine (we’ll announce when it’s out), so photographer Chris Becker joined us to capture the moment.  This week is fairly quiet at MARC, as all of our Senior student volunteers prepare to graduate (tomorrow!) and head out into the Real World.

Like many of our students, Sorprese was a bit excited, yet hesitant to say goodbye.  The big ocean can be a scary place and the future remains unknown.  Sorprese tried to stay with us, but she soon turned, faced the open water, and made her way swiftly down the beach.

Like Sorprese, we hope that our graduates get out there, take chances and explore.  Congratulations Seniors and a special congrats to Sorprese.

***Seniors – keep us up to date on your whereabouts and life in the future.  Sorprese… we hope we don’t see you again :)

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