Mama Mia! Affamato (hungry) seal pups.

Happy Mother’s Day – to all the mom’s out there.   For MARC, Mother’s Day coincides nicely with the time of year that seal pups are born in Maine.  This year, we are off to a nice steady start… and our fingers are crossed that this means that the seal pups are being taken care of by their nurturing moms.   If you’ve been keeping track, so far we have 3 seal pups in the hospital… all who have been rescued because they have been separated from their moms.

THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN!  From May through September each year, MARC transforms into the nursery for dependent pups… offering them a warm, cozy place to sleep, seal friends to play with, medications as needed and plenty of food to help them grow.  Today, our three pups were lucky to have dedicated volunteers at MARC step-in to replace their moms….. making it a truly happy seal pup’s day!


Wiggle Wiggle is the first harbor seal pup of 2012.  Arriving on the 1st of May, she was collected and tranported from Isleboro, Maine, by our friends at Allied Whale.  Wiggle has been doing great and growing fast.  For the most part, she is really healthy, but she did give us a little scare initially when we discovered that her umbilicus and urinary tract (which are all connected internally) were pretty infected.   We think a few days of antibiotics have done the trick and taken care of the infection, but we’re continuing to watch closely.   At just 2 weeks of age, Wiggle spends most of her day napping and taking an occasional swim.  She has bonded closely with her roommate – Alfabeto.

Alfabeto:  Alfabeto arrived from South Thomaston, Maine just one week after Wiggle.   She was the first rescue of the newly formed Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME)- the new non-profit that will be responding to animals in Southern Maine.  One of the benefits of having more than one pup on site is that the pups can bond with each other, rather than  imprinting on their human caregivers.  Though Wiggle at first didn’t like the idea of her new friend, she soon accepted Alfabeto as her companion and the two have been lounging around together for the past week.  Other than coming to us underweight, hungry and motherless, Alfabeto seems to be thriving so far.  Her favorite thing to do is swim on her back as fast as she can.  Check out this video of the two pups together.

And just yesterday… we received our third pup… and the only BOY in our hospital.

Gnocchi:  Gnocchi arrived yesterday via MMoME from Westport Island.  He had been seen for a few days searching the shoreline for his mom, whom he had been separated from.  Once responders were certain she wouldn’t return to her pup, they decided to intervene and bring him to MARC for nutritional support.   So far, Gnocchi is hungry and active.  He is also attempting to claim the title of “Most Wiggly Pup Ever” – and is giving Wiggle a run for her money.


Gnocchi holds still long enough for a quick photo

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day as we are here.  Feel free to join in the Mother’s Day fun (if you’re not a mom already) or add another member to your family (if you are a mom)!  All of our seal pups are available for adoption at our website.


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