Enjoying Leftovers – Seal Release 4.6.12

Written by super-intern Sam

Sometimes pasta is a bit better when you let it sit for a few days.   Today we released Fettucine, at Granite Point Beach in Biddeford.  If you recall, Fettuccine was scheduled for release this past weekend, but we decided to hold him back at the last minute…. feeling like a few extra days in rehab might make his release success that much better!

Getting ready!


Getting set!



Fettuccine was found lethargic and dehydrated on Fortune’s Rocks Beach in late February and was brought to us for some TLC.  He’s now healthy and full of energy and was ready to hit the water today as soon as his kennel door opened. We were happy to see him looking so fearless and content in the big blue.

Fettuccine raced to the shoreline

Special thanks to our fantastic visitors that assisted with the release today – UNE’s resident shark expert, Dr. James Sulikowski, and his family and friends!   Thanks for all of your help!

Thanks for joining us!

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