Who ordered the Fettuccine?

“Who ordered the Fettuccine?” – Stranding responder Don asked as he came into the MARC office from the cold yesterday.   He was delivering our third young grey seal of 2012…. and joked about the pasta-naming theme.  But the name stuck with the new seal.

Fettuccine, as he is known, was found yesterday just a few miles down the road from MARC.   We received a call on the stranding hotline that a small grey seal was hanging out on Fortune’s Rocks beach and appeared to be in distress.   A few hours later, Don arrived with Fettuccine who had appeared quite exhausted, skinny, and with possible respiratory issues while he rested on the shore.  He also had some cuts on his rear flippers.

At his admit exam, he was tried, but still making attempts to show us that he was tough by hissing and growling.  His bloodwork is pretty good.  He was given some fluids to make sure he stayed hydrated and content overnight.

Fettuccine - Just after his intake exam

We’re happy to report that this morning, after a night of rest and a few fluid tubings, Fettuccine was looking much more lively.

Fettuccine Lounging in the Pool

He even found his appetite this afternoon and has been working on filling his stomach with some herring!  He’s actively swimming and eating and looking much more like a healthy seal.   As much as Fettuccine is looking better today, issues often have a tendency to show up a few days into rehabilitation, so we’ll continue to monitor him closely to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

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