Update – Capelli d’Angelo

Last month, we introduced you to Capelli d’ angelo- the fluffy grey seal pup that arrived at just days old for care at MARC.  She was named after the italian pasta that translated means “Angel Hair“.

For the first few weeks at MARC, Capelli was tube-fed a high calorie dairy mix that replaced the milk she would have received under the care of her mom.  At about 3 weeks of age, when grey seals start to eat fish, we switched Capelli to assist feeds of herring, and rounds of “fish school” – where fish is introduced on tongs or string, using the movement in the water to make the fish look interesting and tasty.  This weekend, we caught her in action.

Staff Member, Kristen, introduces fish to Capelli

Munching on a herring

Getting the hang of things

Capelli is also growing stronger and loving swimming.  She was moved last week into a bigger room, which also has a much larger, deeper pool to practice deeper dives.  Best of all, she met her two new roommates:  Stinger and Chief Ugnaught.  We’ll have a full story on Stinger tomorrow.

Capelli in her bigger pool

Two harbor seal roommates to play with: Stinger and Chief Ugnaught

Thanks to intern, Sam, for capturing these great shots.


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