Help us choose the 2012 Naming Theme!

Each year, we use a naming theme to generate names for our patients.  This year, we’re putting the vote in your hands.  We’ve listed 3 options below, and you may vote for one of those, or add your own suggestion (Past years have included “80′s movie characters”, “Places in Maine”, “National Parks”).

Rules for adding your own topic:
1.  Must be family-friendly and politically correct.
2.  Select “Other” and type in your choice.  Once entered we will approve it and others may vote for it!
3.  Topic must be able to generate approximately 100 unique names that can be used for male and female critters.

Let the naming begin! Voting ends on Friday, January 13th.  Click here to vote.

Name that seal! -This year, our naming topic is up to you!


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