In case you missed it…. Release Recap 9.11.11

Thanks to everyone that came out to the seal release Sunday.  We were happy to host an event surrounded in happiness, on a day that is historically sad.

For those of you that missed it, we put together a short video of the event.  We hope you’ll enjoy it.  Tito (11-047 Pv), Penny (11-032 Pv), and Obiwan (11-058 Pv) headed to the water as one a fused group… we don’t see that at every release but we really like it.  The pups headed to the water very quickly and only encountered one wave that took out the bunch (see video).  They quickly recovered from the surprise and headed back out.

…and if you think you can move as fast as our seals do when they head to the water (or even just have as much fun trying), join us for our upcoming fundrasier “Frolic for Flippers” on September 24, 2011.

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