And the winner is…..

A while back, we asked what creature our harp seal pup most resembled as she made her way through her awkward adolescence in the Stef Look-A-Like Contest .

Stef during the awkward hair-loss phase

We promised that we would reveal the results just as soon as the last bit of lanugo coat (white baby hair) was shed.  Well, the funny thing is, Stef still has traces of her lanugo coat.  We can’t wait any longer to tell you.  The votes have been tallied and the offical winner is…….  (drumroll, please)

The Chinese Crested Dog.

Stef's Look-A-Like Winner

Following with a close second was the Mystery Dog.

This weekend, Stef will be released with four other seals.   We are very excited that she is finally ready for release.  We will be attaching a satellite tag this week so we can monitor her travels once she’s back in the ocean.  You can find more information on the release here or here.

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