Harp Seal Pup Look-a-Like Contest!!

When our harp seal pup “Stef” first came to us, she was a white ball of fuzz.

For a refresher, check out the blog: http://blog.une.edu/marc/2011/02/24/is-maine-the-new-canada/

Now, as she is losing her lanugo (the fine, soft hair that grows on a fetus and is present on a newborn), she looks, well, a bit different.  We would like you, our fans, to pick  Stef’s  Celebrity Look-a-like.   Staff today found a few pictures that we think resemble Stef, but we need your help to decide who she looks like most.  Take a look and then vote on Facebook or the blog (via a comment) for Stef’s closest twin…. votes will be tallied and a winner will be announced when the last strand of lanugo sheds.

The “Real” Stef (3/16/11):

Stef Photo 1

Stef Photo 2

Now Vote!!!!

Look-a-like #1:  Chinese Crested Dog


Look-a-like #2:  Yoda

Courtesy of Lucas Films

Look-a-like #3:  Zoolander’s “Mugatu”


Look-a-like #4:    Mystery Dog…at least, we think it’s a dog.


Look-a-like #5:  Lion.  (thanks to two write-in votes)

Due to popular demand...

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