Instructional Strategies (5)


understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate technologies.  Candidate performance demonstrating the following capabilities informs this standard. 

The ability to:

  1. Choose effective teaching strategies and materials to meet different learning goals and student needs.
  2. Use multiple teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning opportunities and to help students take responsibility for their own learning.
  3. Monitor and adjust strategies in response to learner feedback.
  4. Vary her or his role in the instructional process depending on the content, purposes, and student needs.
  5. Develop a variety of clear, accurate presentations and representations of concepts, using alternative explanations to assist students’ understanding and providing diverse perspectives to encourage critical thinking.
  6. Employ a wide range of questioning and discussion techniques that elicit responses at a variety of affective and cognitive levels.
  1. Use educational technology to broaden student knowledge about technology as well as to deliver instruction.
  2. Encourage all students to use technology and help them to access that technology.
  3. Provide students with strategies for evaluating the content encountered via technology (i.e., Internet, listservs).

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