Student Development/Learning (3)


demonstrates knowledge of the diverse ways in which students develop and learn by providing learning opportunities that support students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.  Candidate performance demonstrating the following capabilities informs this standard. 

The ability to:

  1. Discern individual, student and group differences (e.g., intellectual, cultural, social).
  2. Support individual student’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development.
  3. Observe how students learn and thus ascertain different learning styles.
  4. Identify when and how to access appropriate services or resources to meet learner’s needs.
  5. Identify and design instruction appropriate to students’ stages of development, learning styles, strengths, and needs.
  6. Make appropriate provisions and adaptations for individual students who have particular learning differences or needs.
  7. Understand and make connections to students’ experiences and backgrounds in planning and implementing curriculum.
  8. Demonstrate understanding of and sensitivity to issues of diversity and equity during the design and assessment of instruction.

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