Contribution to the Profession (10)


demonstrates a strong professional ethic and a desire to contribute to the education profession. Candidate performance demonstrating the following capabilities informs this standard.

The ability to:

  1. Be an active, contributing member of work teams and committees.
  2. Participate in staff development opportunities and training sessions and apply information and strategies gained as a result of those experiences to his/her own teaching.
  3. Utilize information gained from reading professional journals.
  4. Apply information gathered during attendance at professional conferences.
  5. Develop associations with organizations dedicated to learning.
  6. Reflect upon and strengthens his/her teaching by evaluating (alone and with colleagues) lessons taught and making appropriate improvements.
  7. Stay abreast of and employ new teaching strategies and technologies.
  8. Develop and implement a personal development plan to enhance his/her professional growth.
  9. Maintain a professional demeanor and recognize the teacher’s role as a model for students.
  10. Work with colleagues to achieve school and district goals and to address problems in the school.

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