Supportive of Student Life (7)


demonstrates the ability to support students’ learning and well being by engaging students, home, school, colleagues, and community.  Candidate performance demonstrating the following capabilities informs this standard. 

The ability to:

  1. Advocate for students while respecting their privacy and right to confidentiality.
  2. Identify strategies to link school, home, and community to enhance student performance and well being.
  3. Describe ways to proactively develop partnerships with parents and guardians in support of students’ learning and well being.
  4. Recognize when it is appropriate to consult with other school professionals concerning a student’s learning or health.
  1. Describe ways to work with community agencies to foster student growth.
  2. Work with other school personnel, representatives of community agencies, and representatives of other professional and education organizations with the goal of supporting student learning and well being.

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