For this week, I just created a preliminary schedule for the project. Here it is:

Website Project Timeline

Week 4

Submit topic preferences.

Week 5

Groups and topics assigned. Preliminary meeting with group to discuss division of tasks.

Week 6

Group meetings in class. You should have read the appropriate section of the Chamallas text and be prepared to share an idea for your group’s analytic statement.

Week 7

Draft and submit project prospectus. The prospectus should describe the problem or question that you plan to address and show why the question is problematic and significant.

Week 8

Groups will meet with instructor to discuss project prospectus.

Begin creating website. By the end of this period you should have created your bibliography page and your links page. You should have at least 5 sources for each.

Week 9

Choose a subject for the visual you will create and begin working on it.

Weeks 1012

Draft analytic statement and create a visual to complement the statement. Post both the statement and visual on your website. At the end of this period, we will workshop each group’s website in class.

Week 14

Finish project and present it to the class!

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