For this week, I read Campbell, picked out an assignment from the DS 106 website that might be useful, and took very preliminary steps to setting up a wordpress environment for my future class.

Campbell has an interesting idea to require students to create their own cyberinfrastructure. Requiring this would address some of the problems we discussed last week in our discussion of the tension between templates and control. Although technology is ubiquitous very few of us possess the technical knowledge and ability to create or control an online environment. I don’t know that such a project should be required for all students, but I do think it would be a good thing to require for our new Digital Humanities minors!

In my future digital women and politics course, I am thinking of requiring students to create blogs and update them with reading reflections each week. This would get them used to wordpress and to creating online content so that the major digital course assignment would seem more manageable. The DS 106 website had a “find your voice” blog assignment that I would consider assigning at the beginning of my course. The assignment is:

The best blogs are ones that express a person’s personal voice: whether that be their sense of humor, wit, likes, dislikes that sort of thing. Find an example of a blog where the author’s voice shines through their posts and give a reason of why you like their posts. See if you can use this to inspire your posts during the semester.

This assignment could help students think about personalizing their blog and developing their own blog voice.

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