English 425: Doing Humanities Digitally

Here are the projects and assignments that I have worked on over the time spent experiencing the digital humanities.

Digital Humanities Blog: Blog posts covering the topics, and in depth opinion of the pieces that we have worked on.

Presentation: A presentation on the 911 memorial, in order to analyze how the elements of the digital humanities are used.

Art and Art History with Digital Humanities: A paper illustrating how Art historians have adapted technology to better show off and organize the collections in museums.

Remediation of the Self: A paper outlining how humanity has managed to remediate their bodies and their profiles as a medium.

Walden Project: A Text Encoding Initiative of the Walden text by Henry David Thoreau. The TEI project seeks to bring this text into the digital age with a variety of tools to experience the work in a whole new way. TEI Final Example

University of New England Saco Estuary Project: This project encapsulates the entirety of the Universities current research on the estuary, and it will be updated frequently.

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