ENG 334 (Methods)

Methods in Literary and Cultural Criticism: This course is an introduction to the goals, methods, and tools that literary and cultural critics use to define and work through problems of interpretation. Through reading closely, working with primary and secondary sources, trying out different critical approaches and raising analytical questions, students will learn to think like a literary critic. Assignments include a daily reading blog, participation in class discussion and library tutorials, several formal papers (e.g. an archival “discovery” paper, mid-term essay, and extended research project) and maintenance of a writing ePortfolio. The course culminates with individual student presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. This course is required for English majors and minors. Completion of ENG 206: Introduction to Literary Theory is recommended.

Students are encouraged to add their own description of their learning from the course to the official course description above. As a student adds artifacts to this page, it is important to provide a brief description of the artifacts, perhaps using a list structure produced below

  • Paper One – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Paper Two – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Web Journal/Blog – I used a web-based journal for my informal writing and homework in the course. (Link Here.)

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