Other Course (Discipline, Number, Name)

The official catalog course description goes here.

Students are encouraged to add their own description of their learning from the course to the official course description above. As a student adds artifacts to this page, it is important to provide a brief description of the artifacts, perhaps using a list structure produced below

  • Paper One – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Paper Two – In this paper, I took up the question of…
  • Web Journal/Blog – I used a web-based journal for my informal writing and homework in the course. (Link Here.)

A note about the structure recommended above

This is a basic template for a course-focused page in your ePortfolio. This is what we’re recommending:

  • The starting ePortfolio course pages are all titled “ENG ??? – Brief Course Title.”
  • The content begins with the official course title, followed by the official course description from the undergraduate catalog.
  • We recommend that students supplement this official description with their own description of their learning, both positive and negative.
  • We also recommend use of the unordered or bulleted list to identify and describe each of the artifacts you add to the ePortfolio.

There are many options here.

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