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<title>HM 924: Walden</title>



<p>This is a transcription of the Walden Manuscripts at the Huntington Library</p>



<p>Information about the source</p>





<handNote xml:id=”hn_edit”>Editorial elements, frequently written in the margins. Unlikely to be Thoreau’s


<handNote xml:id=”hn_page”>Page numbering which has been added throughout the document. Likely added in the 20th

century, these probably correspond to the first edition.</handNote>





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<line>Has learned to read only what is for</line>

<line>children and feeble intellects. We should</line>

<line>be as good as the worthies of antiquity,</line>

<line>but partly by first knowing how</line>

<line>good they were. We are a race of</line>

<line>titmen, but soar but little higher in</line>

<line>our intellecutal flights than the</line>

<line>columns of the daily paper.</line>


<zone rendition=”verticalStrike”" ulx=”233″ uly=”1039″ lrx=”2261″ lry=”3067″>

<line>There are words adressed to our</line>

<line>condition <add place=”above”>exactly</add>, which, if we could <add place=”above”> really</add> hear</line>

<line>and understand would be as salutary</line>

<line>as the morning or the spring to our</line>

<line>lives, and possibly put a new as-</line>

<line>pect on the face of things <add place=”above”> for us</add>. How</line>

<line>many a man has dated a new</line>

<line>era in his life <del rendition=”strikethrough”> or a second birth as it were </del></line>

<line><del rendition=”strikethrough”> as it were</del> from the reading of</line>

<line>a book. The book exists for us</line>

<line><add place=”above”> perchance</add> which will explain our miracles</line>

<line>and reveal new ones. The at present</line>

<line>unutterable things we <add place=”above”> may</add> <del rendition=”strikethrough”> would</del> find</line>

<line>somewhere uttered. <del rendition=”strikethrough”> moreover with </del></line>

<line><del rendition=”strikethrough”> wisdom we shall learn liberality </del></line>

<line>These same questions that disturb</line>

<line>and puzzle and confound us have in</line>

<line>their turn occurred to all the wise</line>

<line>men not one has been omitted</line>

<line>and each has answered them ac-</line>

<line>cording to his ability,</line>



Gattaca: Solar Panels

YouTube Preview Image

Solar power has paved the way for the world of Gattaca to achieve the sources of energy it needs to act as a clean and efficient power source. Technology brings a function to the form of society so it will as in this case mirror the value of sterility.

Gattaca: They Don’t See You.

YouTube Preview Image

Here Gerome, gives Vincent the reality of the situation of this society. Without anything of value besides ones genetic potential, the only thing that can be recognized is the value. Any other faults that the invalid might have to give them away becomes lost in societies view of them as a “valid”.

Gattaca: The Swim Back.

YouTube Preview Image

The evidence for the theme of perseverance can be found in the swimming scenes. Vincent knows that under ordinary circumstances that he cannot beat his brother so the alternative for this is to go with one intention. Either he will give his all and succeed, or he will die in the process, this leaves nothing to chance and everything to the skills that you have earned over a lifetime not your genes.

Gattaca Discrimination

YouTube Preview Image

The main character Vincent, gives an example through his own life experience to the discrimination that he was born into and is now forced to live with. This example starts at the 3 minute and 50 second mark, and reminds us of a time very reminiscent of America during the early segregation movement. Even though the law may “defend” the individual in name only. The persecution that the person faces is still as real as any outward act.

Gattaca Beginning

YouTube Preview Image

Here, the introduction clip from Gattaca can be seen, note that in this case society has favored gene selection over the traditional live birth. This changes the dynamic of how a person is thought at birth and how they will continue to thrive, or fail according to the first few seconds of life.