It seems that, as his character develops at the Heights, Heathcliff becomes a more abusive and intolerable man. Much like “Wuthering,” after Heathcliff returns with money and power, he himself is this violent storm. From the beginning he is portrayed as this menacing man who is unpleasant and puts no thought towards the safety of others, not his tenants nor his family. We assume that he either has had a horrible life and has lost much, or we assume that he is like Darcy and will eventually show a side of his character that is enticing and pleasant. Heathcliff reflects the former of these to options. Let’s take a look at his life; he was orphaned and left for an inordinate amount of time on the streets, he was collected by a fine gentleman and brought to this household where he was considered an “Usurper” and ‘intruder’. Heathcliff was tortured by this family and then is “spurned” by Catherine (Except not really, Heathcliff just didn’t hang around to hear the second part of her conversation), and then she marries another and dies, not having expressed her love for Heathcliff. (this summary is not sympathy for this creep, but more of the outlying factors that could contribute to his curmudgeonly attitude)


His increasingly cold (not aloof) and aggressive attitude leads to and

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