Maine AHEC Partners with the MPHA to offer a Training on HPV Related Cancer Prevention

Every 20 minutes someone is diagnosed with a cancer caused by HPV

Every 20 minutes someone is diagnosed with a cancer caused by HPV

Every year in the United States 27,000 people are diagnosed with a cancer caused by HPV, that’s 1 case every 20 minutes.  Most of these cancers can be prevented by the HPV vaccine; however, in Maine fewer than half of girls and boys are fully vaccinated against HPV. The National AHEC Organization  received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a project to provide continuing education to health professionals about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The Maine AHEC Network was awarded a grant to facilitate this effort in Maine.

Since beginning this work in 2014, Maine AHEC Network has worked closely with a variety local organizations to partner on this shared goal of preventing HPV related cancers. Each partner organization has brought valuable knowledge and resources to increase the reach and success of this cancer prevention campaign. Some of the organizations throughout the state involved in this effort include the New England Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS) , the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Maine Quality Counts, the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing, Maine Primary Care Association, MaineHealth, and the AHEC Centers across the state.

Most recently, Maine AHEC Network has developed a partnership with the Maine Public Health Association, and together with ACS they will offer a free webinar training,  “You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention” on Friday, April 21st from 12-1pm.

Interested participants can register here.

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