Featuring the New Public Health Training Course: Marketing Public Health

Visit www.maine.gov/pht to enroll in one of the free online public health trainings

Visit www.maine.gov/pht to enroll in one of the free online public health trainings today!

Have you ever wondered if your marketing efforts were effective? Questioned if your messages were reaching your target audience? If so, you and your team can build confidence in your marketing approach by learning about public health marketing strategies with Maine’s free online Public Health Training program.

Whether you are managing a single program or an entire public health department, understanding the basic principles of branding and marketing can be crucial to your success. Every program and organization has key stakeholders, and the goal of this course is to offer you concrete strategies for communicating with those stakeholders in order to support your broader program and organizational goals.

This module follows a marketing strategy developed for a highly-focused community organization using principles, strategies, and tactics that can be applied universally. By participating in this free one hour training you will learn about the four pillars of building a strong brand and outline the steps for developing an effective marketing communications plan.

This module will help you and your team better understand how to define your organization’s mission and goals, target marketing to your various audiences, identify core umbrella messaging, and prioritize tactics. It will also help you learn about the importance of educating your staff and other stakeholders on desired brand behaviors, and identify and track success metrics in this module.


The Public Health Training site is supported by The New England Public Health Training Center at the University of New England through funding from HRSA, offering free professional and workforce development modules for public health professionals. To access our latest module, Marketing Public Health, visit our website at Maine.gov/PHT. Once on the site, you can quickly and easily set up an account and choose at least one course from the several that are available based on which course is more relevant for you and your teams’ professional development goals. Courses are typically an hour long and can easily fit into your workday.


FMI: Contact Nicole O’Brien, M.A., Research Assistant in UNE’s Center for Excellence in Health Innovation and Project Manager, Community Access to Child Health in Maine (CATCH-ME) grant at Nobrien1@une.edu

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