Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today, we began clinic operations at a new site for the UNE program. A rural village outside of Sekondi called Mpintsa. Dr Morton and Reverend Andoh met with the chief of this village last March, 2011 to talk about the possibility of expanding our services alongside the Ghana Health Service in this village.

Today that discussion came to fruition. The community of Mpintsa welcomed us with open hearts and arms. They waved to us as we drove through their village in two vans loaded with supplies and medicine. We disembarked and scoped out the former home of the chief and quickly came up with a plan for how we would triage and treat the crowd that was waiting patiently for us. In a very small space we managed to set up 4 triage sites, 2 exam rooms with 2 providers in each, a pharmacy and a lab! In just a few hours, the UNE team, 3 GHS nurses, and 7 community health educators saw over 40 patients with complaints and findings that ranged from waist pains and cloudy vision to malaria and chronic wounds.

We will spend tomorrow there as well for the entire day while also making a visit to the local health center, Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital. The students and faculty are creatively and skillfully participating in interprofessional care in a global setting. Teamwork has been effortless for this group as patients move through all areas including eye exams and providing glasses for those who are having difficulty reading and seeing long distances. All services we are providing is evidence based drawn from the World Health Organization and Ghana Health Services treatment guidelines. The students have been invited to chief Nana Adwai Addae’s palace following clinic tomorrow for a ceremonial thank you.

Dr Richard Anthony, a Ghanaian internal medicine physician will be joining us at Mpinsta tomorrow and delivering the first of a dinner lecture series for the students focusing on endemic conditions of the Western Region of Ghana.

Morton and Morgan

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