Sunday, August 7

When we awoke Sunday morning, we were greeted by Magdalena, a local seamstress who dropped off beautiful handmade dresses for us to wear to the Sunday services presided over by Rev. Bob Andoh, whose church is hosting our health mission.

Magdelena had taken measurements earlier in the week and some of the students had selected their own fabrics, which were rich and vibrant.  The results were astounding, and one of our students, Pamela, was so taken with the designs that she asked Magdalena to make her dress for her wedding scheduled for next year.

After church we returned to the clinic in the afternoon.  An elderly man was waiting with a large grin, and I was told that he was a returning patient.  On the first day of the clinic last week, he walked in with a handmade, oversized crutch and patiently waited his turn; when asked what he came in for after he limped to his seat, he simply said he had “a pain in his leg.”   Upon inspection, a large gaping and swollen wound stretched from just below his knee all the way down to his foot.  It had to be intensely painful.

He shared that it was the result of lumber accident six month ago.  His wound was cleaned and carefully dressed, and he left the clinic with a new walking boot and crutches, and has been back every other day to have his wound checked and dressed, each time entering the clinic with a smile that never ceases.

On Sunday evening we took a walk along the water in Sekondi.  A group of young men played soccer and we stopped a few minutes to watch.  They enjoyed their American audience and we mused whether another future World Cup soccer player was in our midst!

Kathleen Taggersell
UNE Director of Communications

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