Blog 5

Beth DeGarmo and Kate Keller, second year PA students
“Lowering Blood Pressure and Saving Goats: Helping Ghanaians One Day at a Time”

We wish we could take our experiences, our thoughts, our memories from this trip and give it to people so they can learn what we’ve learned and understand what it’s like to be here.  Even if we could, we don’t think people really know what it’s like until they experience it for themselves.  It’s been an incredible experience, humbling to the core.  People are grateful when they walk away with multivitamins, all we can offer them for their numb hands and feet.  It’s amazing that beside the language they speak and the color of their skin, they are so similar to the patients we see in the states.  They come in with high blood pressure, aches and pains, asthma, etc.  We hope that with what little we can offer them they leave with a hint of a smile.  The kids never stop smiling – they always remind us how far a smile can go to make someone feel better. Even if we can’t offer them much, we can offer them hope – hope that their aches will get better, hope that the fever from malaria with break, hope that the world contains people who care about them.  And as the quote goes, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
P.S. With the help of a community worker, Kate saved a baby goat trapped in a fence – Reverend Andoh says she is going to be remembered.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Please bring your experiences home to us in whatever ways you can. Remind us of the small things in life that can make a different; keep us aware of the inequities that exist and the right that these children and families should have to proper health care. Can’t wait to hear your stories, see you photos and learn from the amazing experiences you’ve had.

    Safe travel,

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