Preparing for the Trip

Prior to departure on August 8th, and considered part of the experience for students, were two meetings (6 hours) on campus with faculty. These meetings focused on an overview of Ghanaian culture, team building, cultural awareness, and fundraising ideas. The students have focused their fundraising efforts on various medical and other supplies.

In addition to the hydration packets the students devise, there has been particular focus on obtaining footwear for the community as bare feet represent a port of entry for disease carrying organisms. Many in the community are without shoes. The students have collected numerous pairs of lightweight footwear for the community and will be shipping them soon.

The faculty and students of UNE look forward to sharing this important journey with you. Stay tuned…

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  1. Linda Murphy says:

    Jamie Lynn
    After two missed attempts, it was so wonderful to hear such excitement in your voice today. The days will be flying by for you. Please don’t forget your journal every day to help preserve this phenominal experience. You will speak to others about these days forever.
    This is just the beginning, I believe, of a life filled with your passion to serve others and lessen pain and discomfort wherever you can.
    We have never been more proud,
    Mom, Dennis, Mike and your kitties

  2. Jane says:

    It was great to hear of your travels and the work you are all doing. What a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  3. mary&tom says:

    A Hundred years From Now…it will not matter what my bank accountwas, the kind of house Ilived in, the kind of car i drove or what brand of clothes I wore…But the world may be different because I made a didderence in the life of a stranger. To all of you we are very happy you are making a differance to all these people who need you. Emily, enjoy the time there, you will be home before you know it and will have alot of wonderful memories,and stories to hold onto. You can do anything you set your mind too. love you,Mom, Dad, and Honey SMILE

  4. krhan says:

    Amanda ~

    It was so good to hear your voice today. You sounded so happy and excited to be there. You and the entire group are such blessing to everyone there. We are so proud of your compassion and love for people and it is so clear that God is working through you as you share your gifts of knowledge, love and kindness in the clinic that your group has set up.

    Enjoy your time there. It will go by so quickly.

    We love you!!!!
    Mom, Dad, Cassie, Sammie and Adam

    PS Lunchbox and Ezra say “meow”

  5. Karen Rhan says:

    Amanda ~

    It was so good to hear your voice today. You sounded so happy and excited. What a blessing all of you are!!!! God is working through all of you as you provide a place for them to come and seek help in your clinic.

    We look forward to following your trip through this website. Enjoy every minute that you are there as it will go by so fast. This is a chance of a lifetime to be able to touch so many with your gifts of love and kindness.

    Mom, Dad, Cas, Sammie and Adam

  6. Joanne Shuey says:

    Thinking about you Miss Amanda and hoping that you and your group have a wonderful experience while in Africa. So sorry that your plane could not leave as scheduled, but glad to know that you left on Sunday.

    Will be awaiting to hear more on your trip. Your donations will mean a lot to the ones receiving. You will be a blessing to them.

    Love, Prayers, and Blessings,
    Grandma & Grandpa
    (Rusty too!)

  7. Shelley says:

    Thinking about you daily and hoping that the spirit catches you if you fall down. I heard the first attempt to get there was thwarted. By now you must be there safe and sound. Can’t wait to read updates.

    Sending you angels for your shoulders,

  8. Marie says:

    Wishing you all safe travels and mutually life enriching connections with fellow group members and the folks you get to meet and work with along the way. With you is spirit….. Marie

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