May 30th and 31st: Wait, what day is it?

I’m sure by this point in time many of those who have been reading this have been reunited with their loved ones or have gotten a phone call telling you all of the wonderful experiences from the last 10 days. Currently, Hayley and I (Royale) are the only two that remain at the airport trying to get the internet to work with us so we can post our last few thoughts. (As a secondary note, Logan wifi is terrible but South Station has excellent wifi.) However, this is a bit of a struggle since neither of us consider plane sleeping real sleep and we made it up for the sunrise yesterday. I have already scampered off down the airport to locate the closest Dunkin’ (never too far away in New England) and am doing one last caffeine fueled post. Let’s do this people!

Most of us got up bright and early yesterday to tie up some loose ends packing and then head upstairs to watch the sunrise with Choco Listo in hand. We then circled Daphne Island on the Floreana in order to get one last glance at some Nazca boobies, red-billed tropic birds, and the crowd favorite, the Sally lightfoot crab. The boat then took us back to Baltra where I was pleased to get a few last glances at some nice sized Galapagos sharks. As we left the boat and waved goodbye to the crew, we all took one last glance of an area that we were not ready to leave. When we boarded the bus, we finally got a fleeting glance at a land iguana, something at least I had been looking forward to seeing.  This is because apparently they sometimes attack people. I had really hoped to see a pastel clad adventurer in a pith helmet getting chased down by an iguana, but alas I must settle for not seeing that dream come true.  After arriving at the airport and struggling to check our bags, we did some last minute gift shopping, since it’s hard to buy people gifts on uninhabited islands.  We then bid farewell to Victor and patiently waited for our flight.

After a brief stop in Guayaquil to pick up more passengers, and cue up Bridesmaids on Hayley’s iPad, we were back on our way to Quito. Upon arrival, we gathered our bags and headed to a day room for much needed showers and a massively impressive dinner. At 9 we returned to the airport to wait for our midnight flight to Houston. The flight was long and boring of course, but a few of us still had to finish up our journals that are included as part of the class, so the time was much appreciated. We quickly boogied through Houston, although the customs line took forever and there was a music loop only about 2 minutes long playing, to get on our flight to Boston. After discovering that not all of the bags made it to Boston we bid farewell to our friends new and old. (Personally I’m glad my bag is getting shipped to my house, because now I don’t have to carry it on the train.)

So that’s it, the end of our marvelous trip to South America and the wonderful world of the Galapagos. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our times and can’t wait to share all of our pictures with you!

Quote of the day: “I can’t believe no one got arrested!”- Dr. Ono


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