To Quito We Go!

This morning we were greeted by a glorious view of Quito and the Andes Mountains. After a wonderful Ecuadorian breakfast of various breads, butters and fruits, we embarked on our trip to Otavalo with a stop at the equator. At the equator we learned about the orientation of the Earth while standing in two places at once.

Heading further into the Ecuadorian countryside we arrived in the town of Otavalo, passing multiple volcanoes. At the market we worked on our haggling skills in order to buy sweet textiles and jewelry. Some of us bought soft alpaca blankets while others bought scratchy tapestries, but all were happy in the end. We next went to an indigenous man’s house where we had a typical indigenous meal of tree tomato juice, quinoa soup, corn on the cob, roasted chicken, hominy, avocado and potato cakes. While at the house we learned various methods of weaving, music, and traditional dress. Our tour guide was very nice and gave us all bracelets that have the colors of the Ecuadorian flag, to remember our trip.

On the way back to the hotel, we had an unfortunate flat tire incident that was repaired quickly. Once we arrived at the hotel, we enjoyed an elegant dinner of pickled salmon, chicken cilantro soup, a rice/beef entre and an Oreo cookie cake dessert. We went to bed pretty early in anticipation for our early morning flight to the Galapagos.

Quote of the day: “I hate it when Bigfoot wears a top hat.”

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