Hello all! We finally have wifi, which for 21st century young adults is amazing. Everyone is still alive and doing well, no one has fallen off of a cliff and died, we just have been living on a boat;  therefore we do not have internet… EVER. Also, sincere apologies for a lack of pictures, we have limited time and limited internet power, so pictures and videos will be added to posts or posted when we return. Right now, we are enjoying time in the town of Puerto Villamil on the inhabited island of Isabela.

This morning we got up for the normal 7am breakfast and then headed out for a hike around Tintoreras, an islet off the coast of Isabela full of baby marine iguanas and hosting some rocking views of white tip reef sharks. We also got a chance to see more penguins, blue footed boobies, sea lions, and the crowd favorite, the Sally lightfoot crab. After that we returned to the boat to prepare for our snorkel. The snorkel was pretty uneventful though a few of us managed to spot a large male sea turtle, and we once again swam with some curious sea lions.  However, it seems that some of us no longer find the sea lions as amusing as we used to.

Lunch was once again quite delicious and many embraced the siesta time.  We then shipped off to the Puerto Villamil, where we got to see some flamingos and visited a tortoise breeding sanctuary. We saw dozens of young tortoises which was an amazing and adorable sight for everyone. After a short hike  through the mangroves we made it back to the town and found a nice little cafe to do some blogging in.

As a warning for those of you who check daily, we will most likely not have internet until we hit an airport again (which means no posts until Thursday or Friday). Just remember that we are thinking of our friends and loved ones and that we are missing you all very much and wish that you could see the amazing things we have seen so far. Time is definitely flying!

Quote of the day: “I would get naked to save you.”


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