May 26th: Don’t Leave Me, I Love You!

Today was a day of ambition. Many of us began the morning by attempting to wake and see the sunrise, but alas, most of us failed. After another delicious and nutritious breakfast, we hiked the “Chinese Hat” formation named for its appearance and shape. On this hike we saw dozens more Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, and the crowd favorite, the sally lightfoot crab. While on the small boats, we also saw brown pelicans, and Beth’s personal favorite, the Galapagos penguin. While this wilderness adventure may have been enough for some, as mentioned before, we were very ambitious. Many had their sights on swimming with sharks and penguins during our next snorkel swim in the volcanic rock channel separating sombrero chino and Santiago. Though chilly, the swim was a success, mostly for Beth, who got up close and personal with a group of four penguins. There was even a juvenile being cleaned by the parents. Royale was also successful in recording an awesome underwater video of a white tipped shark. Whenever an elusive critter would swim or scamper away from us, we would always say, “Don’t leave I love you!” in an attempt to keep the wildlife close. We always made sure, however, to maintain appropriate distance.

After lunch and a quick trip to the other side of Santa Cruz, we set off on yet another hike, this time to Whale Bay, where whalers used to land after harvesting their catch. The wet landing was the most tense and dramatic yet, but luckily all cameras were safe. We were fortunate enough to see a young Galapagos tortoise. He was nowhere near the size of the giants we had seen earlier, but it was still wonderful and mesmerizing to see nonetheless. Although we were all hot and tired, we ended the day on a high note with a quick dip/swim in the beautiful, blue Pacific. Some of us were even fortunate enough to see several Galapagos green sea turtles.

We are now on the boat waiting for our dinner. Tomorrow we will be off to Isabela, where we will hopefully be able to post all of these wonderful blog posts. For right now though, we are all perfectly content to sit back and enjoy the sunset.

After we wrote this the highlight of the evening was ice cream for dessert.

Quote of the day – “My species just tried to poop on me!”

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