Two Weeks Away

Heather Duquette, Medical Biology Major/ History Minor, 2013

On May 3rd the Saco Museum will open its doors and welcome in the first visitors to the John Haley Civil War exhibit. This exhibit will open in two weeks, and stay up until November. I am starting to be able to see the museum exhibit in my mind’s eye. All those weeks ago we read the John Haley diary, and I couldn’t see the exhibit. Then we were placed into one of the four themes that would break up the exhibit, and still no vision was in my head. Afterwards we even wrote a research paper on subthemes of our choosing, and yet for some reason the exhibit did not seem to be real. We started writing our subtheme labels, captions, and interactive directives and a picture of the John Haley Civil War exhibit started to appear, albeit fuzzy, in my mind. This week, as a thematic group, we had to design the layout for our portion of the exhibit, placing the artifacts and the corresponding text. Then it hit me, next Wednesday we start the installation process. In two weeks, John Haley’s voice will be revealed to the public through our exhibit. I find myself hoping that we are successful in portraying Haley in a good light, along with preserving the Saco Museum’s distinguished reputation.

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