Transcending John Haley

Katie Labbe, Political Science Major/ Women & Gender Studies Minor, 2014

Although it feels like the semester just began, we are quickly approaching opening night for our exhibit.  In a few short months, my classmates and I have become Civil War historians.  The amount of work and effort we have put into our research, design, and writing is increasingly evident as we begin to install our exhibit.  When the semester began, I quickly became overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty.  I was worried that I would not be able to adequately tell John Haley and his comrades’ stories.  The responsibility was daunting, and not one I took lightly.

Months have passed since my initial concern, and I am no longer feeling the stress of self-doubt.  The exhibit has shown me that I am capable of achieving my goals outside of a typical class structure.  My confidence as an independent worker has grown immensely.  The skills that my classmates and I have acquired at UNE are evident in the quality of our exhibit.  The hard work and dedication throughout the semester has not only resulted in an impressive exhibit, but also the reassurance that my classmates and I have the skills to succeed after graduation.

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