Less Than A Month

Kristel Lee, Aquaculture and Aquarium Science Major, 2015

We’re getting closer to that time! Less than a month and we open the exhibit! We are finalizing drafts of text panels, captions, getting together artifacts, and the designing each section. I can’t wait until we can start creating and doing the hands-on installing. Surprisingly, I am excited for the workshop to learn how to use tools and smart tips to help us successfully create this exhibit. There are so many ideas running through my mind that I have to jot down my thoughts on paper so I don’t forget how I want to design the Homefront theme. Talking about the different interactives and artifacts each group has makes it seem so surreal. I still can’t believe I was fortunate enough to have this experience as a sophomore in college. I’m so grateful that I am able to be included in this amazing opportunity with such great people. It will be such a huge accomplishment for me, and also the entire class. Hard work will hopefully pay off when we see the positive and happy expressions on the faces of our audience on opening day. Being able to see the outcome of the exhibit and our audience’s responses will be the most rewarding part of this process. I can’t wait!

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