Write, Revise, Repeat

Lydia Colbert, Animal Behavior Major, 2013

Over the past few weeks, we worked on composing and editing the text panels and captions for our exhibit.  This process began when we wrote essays on our selected topics, and then we had to narrow our entire essays down to a couple of paragraphs.  This was a difficult process because with the dramatic cut in length came a large decrease in the amount of our research that we could include.  Since then, editing and perfecting our two paragraphs has been the main focus.  We also developed and discussed which interactive elements would be included for each of the four themes, and began gathering the necessary materials.

 Next come our group presentations during which we will explain what our section will look like, and how each element will be integrated into the design.  On Wednesday, each team must submit a list of artifacts that they will need so that our coordinators can begin retrieving them.  Soon, our text will be printed, our interactives will be built, and the exhibit will start coming together as a whole when we begin construction at the Saco Museum on April 24th.  I am excited to see how our hard work pays off on opening day!

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