Finding the Right Words

Constance Glynn, English & History, 2013

This week in class, we’ve been writing and editing our text panels. Each theme will have a large introductory panel in order to relate to the audience what that particular area of the exhibit is going to be about. Then we’ve been working on writing the material for our sub themes. These tasks have proved to be tedious but necessary. We’re trying to tell our story by using the best, most concise language possible, and this is something that takes time to achieve. However, we are all helping each other so it’s all less daunting.

We have decided on what quotes we are going to highlight in the exhibit. We have all remained adamant about wanting Haley’s personal words to be the focal point throughout the entire exhibit. Therefore, we’ve gone through his diary for what seems like the hundredth time to select these words. We tried to pick passages that did a nice job in summarizing the different themes; we gravitated towards passages that were eloquently written and thought-provoking.

We have design presentations coming up, where each theme will have to decide what is going where. This is difficult because of the mass amount of possibility. Where do we put that moveable wall? What’s the best use of that alcove? Do we even have an alcove? All of these questions remain unanswered as of now, so the next few days are going to be spent sketching floor plans and sharing ideas.

We are only a couple days away from the month mark. In just a few weeks, the exhibit will open and I think the class is getting anxious about it. It’s hard to picture the final product while doing drafts of text panels, visioning artifacts, and maneuvering the design layout in our minds. However, we remain faithful in the process and we are all positive that this exhibit will be a rewarding one. It’s just a matter now of finding the right words to tell our story.


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