Visions of Panels

Madeleine Cox, Aquaculture and Aquarium Science, 2015

Reality of what is around the corner is setting in, and we couldn’t be more excited! After spring break, plans for the final steps in the process will start rolling. Research papers on each group’s specific topics are turned in, artifact lists are being finalized, and final research is pushing us through the first finish line. This week in class we are hearing our peers present on their topics. It’s interesting to see how other groups have laid out their themes, and the amount of information on each is immense.

Each presentation is almost like a mini exhibit that we are being taken through, seeing in textual form, and some visual form, what will be displayed in the Saco Museum in May. It’s interesting to know that each one of us is now specialized in a certain topic from the Civil War. This almost puts the whole exhibit into perspective to me. In other words, it’s finally coming together.

As we now have all the information and research we need, we are able to piece together in our minds what will become of all this information. Visions of panels are creeping into our heads, and we have finally created an image in each our minds of what is to come.

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